Recent Publications

Publications 2022

  • Karimnia, V., Stanley, M. E., Fitzgerald, C. T., Rizvi, I., Slack, F. J., & Celli, J. P. (2022). Photodynamic Stromal Depletion Enhances Therapeutic Nanoparticle Delivery in 3D Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Tumor Models. Photochemistry and photobiology, 10.1111/php.13663. Advance online publication.
  • Zhang, W. C., Skiados, N., Aftab, F., Moreno, C., Silva, L., Corbilla, P., Asara, J. M., Hata, A. N., & Slack, F. J. (2022). Correction to: MicroRNA-21 guide and passenger strand regulation of adenylosuccinate lyase-mediated purine metabolism promotes transition to an EGFR-TKI-tolerant persister state. Cancer gene therapy, 10.1038/s41417-022-00523-9. Advance online publication.
  • Baker, A. R., & Slack, F. J. (2022). ADAR1 and its implications in cancer development and treatment. Trends in genetics : TIG, S0168-9525(22)00074-9. Advance online publication.
  • Baker, A. R., Miliotis, C., Ramírez-Moya, J., Marc, T., Vlachos, I. S., Santisteban, P., & Slack, F. J. (2022). Transcriptome profiling of ADAR1 targets in triple-negative breast cancer cells reveals mechanisms for regulating growth and invasion. Molecular cancer research : MCR, molcanres.0604.2021. Advance online publication.

Publications 2021

  • Singh, N., Ramnarine, V. R., Song, J. H., Pandey, R., Padi, S., Nouri, M., Olive, V., Kobelev, M., Okumura, K., McCarthy, D., Hanna, M. M., Mukherjee, P., Sun, B., Lee, B. R., Parker, J. B., Chakravarti, D., Warfel, N. A., Zhou, M., Bearss, J. J., Gibb, E. A., … Kraft, A. S. (2021). The long noncoding RNA H19 regulates tumor plasticity in neuroendocrine prostate cancer. Nature communications, 12(1), 7349.
  • Mavrikaki, M., Lee, J. D., Solomon, I. H., & Slack, F. J. (2021). Severe COVID-19 induces molecular signatures of aging in the human brain. medRxiv : the preprint server for health sciences, 2021.11.24.21266779.
  • Haswell, J. R., Mattioli, K., Gerhardinger, C., Maass, P. G., Foster, D. J., Peinado, P., Wang, X., Medina, P. P., Rinn, J. L., & Slack, F. J. (2021). Genome-wide CRISPR interference screen identifies long non-coding RNA loci required for differentiation and pluripotency. PloS one, 16(11), e0252848.
  • Lee, S. M., Kaye, K. M., & Slack, F. J. (2021). Cellular microRNA-127-3p suppresses oncogenic herpesvirus-induced transformation and tumorigenesis via down-regulation of SKP2. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 118(45), e2105428118.
  • Dhuri, K., Gaddam, R. R., Vikram, A., Slack, F. J., & Bahal, R. (2021). Therapeutic Potential of Chemically Modified, Synthetic, Triplex Peptide Nucleic Acid-Based Oncomir Inhibitors for Cancer Therapy. Cancer research, 81(22), 5613–5624.
  • Karimnia, V., Slack, F. J., & Celli, J. P. (2021). Photodynamic Therapy for Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma. Cancers, 13(17), 4354.
  • Ramírez-Moya, J., Miliotis, C., Baker, A. R., Gregory, R. I., Slack, F. J., & Santisteban, P. (2021). An ADAR1-dependent RNA editing event in the cyclin-dependent kinase CDK13 promotes thyroid cancer hallmarks. Molecular cancer, 20(1), 115.
  • Milán-Rois, P., Quan, A., Slack, F. J., & Somoza, Á. (2021). The Role of LncRNAs in Uveal Melanoma. Cancers, 13(16), 4041.
  • Orellana, E. A., Liu, Q., Yankova, E., Pirouz, M., De Braekeleer, E., Zhang, W., Lim, J., Aspris, D., Sendinc, E., Garyfallos, D. A., Gu, M., Ali, R., Gutierrez, A., Mikutis, S., Bernardes, G., Fischer, E. S., Bradley, A., Vassiliou, G. S., Slack, F. J., Tzelepis, K., … Gregory, R. I. (2021). METTL1-mediated m7G modification of Arg-TCT tRNA drives oncogenic transformation. Molecular cell81(16), 3323–3338.e14.
  • Karimnia, V., Rizvi, I., Slack, F. J., & Celli, J. P. (2021). Photodestruction of Stromal Fibroblasts Enhances Tumor Response to PDT in 3D Pancreatic Cancer Coculture Models. Photochemistry and photobiology97(2), 416–426.
  • Anastasiadou, E., Seto, A. G., Beatty, X., Hermreck, M., Gilles, M. E., Stroopinsky, D., Pinter-Brown, L. C., Pestano, L., Marchese, C., Avigan, D., Trivedi, P., Escolar, D. M., Jackson, A. L., & Slack, F. J. (2021). Cobomarsen, an Oligonucleotide Inhibitor of miR-155, Slows DLBCL Tumor Cell Growth In Vitro and In Vivo. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research27(4), 1139–1149.
  • Li, W. J., Wang, Y., Liu, R., Kasinski, A. L., Shen, H., Slack, F. J., & Tang, D. G. (2021). MicroRNA-34a: Potent Tumor Suppressor, Cancer Stem Cell Inhibitor, and Potential Anticancer Therapeutic. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology9, 640587.
  • Lee, J. D., Paulo, J. A., Posey, R. R., Mugoni, V., Kong, N. R., Cheloni, G., Lee, Y. R., Slack, F. J., Tenen, D. G., Clohessy, J. G., Gygi, S. P., & Pandolfi, P. P. (2021). Dual DNA and protein tagging of open chromatin unveils dynamics of epigenomic landscapes in leukemia. Nature methods18(3), 293–302.

Publications 2020

  • Foster, D. J., Chang, H. M., Haswell, J. R., Gregory, R. I., & Slack, F. J. (2020). TRIM71 binds to IMP1 and is capable of positive and negative regulation of target RNAs. Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.)19(18), 2314–2326.
  • Malik, S., Lim, J., Slack, F. J., Braddock, D. T., & Bahal, R. (2020). Next generation miRNA inhibition using short anti-seed PNAs encapsulated in PLGA nanoparticles. Journal of controlled release : official journal of the Controlled Release Society327, 406–419.
  • Malik, S., Slack, F. J., & Bahal, R. (2020). Formulation of PLGA nanoparticles containing short cationic peptide nucleic acids. MethodsX7, 101115.
  • Segal, M., & Slack, F. J. (2020). Challenges identifying efficacious miRNA therapeutics for cancerExpert opinion on drug discovery15(9), 987–992.
  • Nagarajan, M. B., Tentori, A. M., Zhang, W. C., Slack, F. J., & Doyle, P. S. (2020). Spatially resolved and multiplexed MicroRNA quantification from tissue using nanoliter well arrays. Microsystems & nanoengineering6, 51.
  • Miliotis CN,  Slack FJ. Multi-layered control of PD-L1 expression in Epstein-Barr virus-associated gastric cancer. J Cancer Metastasis Treat 2020;6:13.
  • Rupaimoole R, Yoon B, Zhang WC, Adams BD, Slack FJ. A High-Throughput Small Molecule Screen Identifies Ouabain as Synergistic with miR-34a in Killing Lung Cancer Cells. iScience. 2020;23(2):100878.
  • Ramírez-Moya, J., Baker, A.R., Slack, F.J. et al. ADAR1-mediated RNA editing is a novel oncogenic process in thyroid cancer and regulates miR-200 activity. Oncogene 39, 3738–3753 (2020).
  • Segal M, Biscans A, Gilles ME, et al. Hydrophobically Modified let-7b miRNA Enhances Biodistribution to NSCLC and Downregulates HMGA2 In Vivo. Mol Ther Nucleic Acids. 2020;19:267‐277.

Publications 2019

  • Slack, F. J., & Chinnaiyan, A. M. (2019). The Role of Non-coding RNAs in Oncology. Cell179(5), 1033–1055.
  • Segal, M., & Slack, F. J. (2019). Extracellular vesicles show promise for cancer theranostics. Annals of translational medicine7(7), 158.
  • Zhang, W. C., Wells, J. M., Chow, K. H., Huang, H., Yuan, M., Saxena, T., Melnick, M. A., Politi, K., Asara, J. M., Costa, D. B., Bult, C. J., & Slack, F. J. (2019). miR-147b-mediated TCA cycle dysfunction and pseudohypoxia initiate drug tolerance to EGFR inhibitors in lung adenocarcinoma. Nature metabolism1(4), 460–474.
  • Anastasiadou, E., Stroopinsky, D., …, Avigan, D., Faggioni, A., Trivedi, P., & Slack, F. J. (2019). Epstein-Barr virus-encoded EBNA2 alters immune checkpoint PD-L1 expression by downregulating miR-34a in B-cell lymphomas. Leukemia33(1), 132–147.
  • Mavrikaki, M., Anastasiadou, E., Ozdemir, R. A., Potter, D., Helmholz, C., Slack, F. J., & Chartoff, E. H. (2019). Overexpression of miR-9 in the Nucleus Accumbens Increases Oxycodone Self-Administration. The international journal of neuropsychopharmacology22(6), 383–393.
  • Jiao, A. L., Perales, R., Umbreit, N. T., Haswell, J. R., Piper, M. E., Adams, B. D., Pellman, D., Kennedy, S., & Slack, F. J. (2019). Human nuclear RNAi-defective 2 (NRDE2) is an essential RNA splicing factor. RNA (New York, N.Y.)25(3), 352–363.
  • Gilles, M. E., Hao, L., Brown, K., Lim, J., Bhatia, S. N., & Slack, F. J. (2019). Tumor penetrating nanomedicine targeting both an oncomiR and an oncogene in pancreatic cancer. Oncotarget10(51), 5349–5358.
  • Witten, L. W., Cheng, C. J., & Slack, F. J. (2019). miR-155 drives oncogenesis by promoting and cooperating with mutations in the c-Kit oncogene. Oncogene38(12), 2151–2161.
  • Nahas, M. R., …, Slack, F., Kufe, D., … Avigan, D. (2019). Hypomethylating agent alters the immune microenvironment in acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and enhances the immunogenicity of a dendritic cell/AML vaccine. British journal of haematology185(4), 679–690.
  • Mavrikaki, M., …, Anastasiadou, E., Slack, F. J., Daskalakis, N. P., & Chartoff, E. (2019). Sex-Dependent Changes in miRNA Expression in the Bed Nucleus of the Stria Terminalis Following Stress. Frontiers in molecular neuroscience12, 236.

Publications 2018

  • Anastasiadou, E., Jacob, L. S., & Slack, F. J. (2018). Non-coding RNA networks in cancer. Nature reviews. Cancer18(1), 5–18.
  • Choe, J.,…, Slack, F. J., & Gregory, R. I. (2018). mRNA circularization by METTL3-eIF3h enhances translation and promotes oncogenesis. Nature561(7724), 556–560.
  • Gilles, M. E., & Slack, F. J. (2018). Let-7 microRNA as a potential therapeutic target with implications for immunotherapy. Expert opinion on therapeutic targets22(11), 929–939.
  • Gilles, M. E., …, & Slack, F. J. (2018). Personalized RNA Medicine for Pancreatic Cancer. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research24(7), 1734–1747.
  • Trivedi, P., Slack, F. J., & Anastasiadou, E. (2018). Epstein-Barr virus: From kisses to cancer, an ingenious immune evader. Oncotarget9(92), 36411–36412.
  • Slack F. J. (2018). Tackling Tumors with Small RNAs Derived from Transfer RNA. The New England journal of medicine378(19), 1842–1843.
  • Inukai, S., Pincus, Z., de Lencastre, A., & Slack, F. J. (2018). A microRNA feedback loop regulates global microRNA abundance during aging. RNA (New York, N.Y.)24(2), 159–172.
  • Tentori, A. M., Nagarajan, M. B., Kim, J. J., Zhang, W. C., Slack, F. J., & Doyle, P. S. (2018). Quantitative and multiplex microRNA assays from unprocessed cells in isolated nanoliter well arrays. Lab on a chip18(16), 2410–2424.
  • Nagarajan MB, Tentori AM, Zhang WC, Slack FJ, Doyle PS. Nonfouling, Encoded Hydrogel Microparticles for Multiplex MicroRNA Profiling Directly from Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue. Anal Chem. 2018;90(17):10279-10285. doi:10.1021/acs.analchem.8b02010
  • Jiao, A. L., Foster, D. J., Dixon, J., & Slack, F. J. (2018). lin-4 and the NRDE pathway are required to activate a transgenic lin-4 reporter but not the endogenous lin-4 locus in C. elegans. PloS one13(1), e0190766.

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